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Eyebrows are the most important feature of the face
as they frame it. Having perfect eyebrow shape
can improve your overall look and make you
look more youthful, it is like an instant
eye-lift without the surgery.

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Simple lash enhancement or eyeliner can
work wonders for your eyes, making
them brighter and more prominent.

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Ania is the only artist at the moment in Cambridgeshire
Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire area to provide
microblading - the newest technique of permanent
makeup which has only been introduced in the UK
recently. It is the best method for the most natural
looking brows, perfect for those with very sparse
eyebrows or those who suffer from Alopecia,

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Semi permanent makeup can enhance your lips and
make them appear much fuller, youthful and more
defined. No more smudging or lipstick bleeding !

Bespoke permanent makeup treatments.

bespoke-permanent-makeupAnia’s expertise in providing permanent cosmetic treatments on the highest level are highly sought after. Ania now works at various clinics throughout Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

Ania is fully insured and registered with the local authorities to carry out semi-permanent makeup treatments.

Ania always makes sure that health & safety is of the highest standard and follows the government guidelines for practitioners to make sure that every treatment she provides is safe to carry out.

Ania’a artistic flair and eye for detail allows her to provide amazing effects with permanent makeup that will enhance each individual.

10 Reasons to Choose Permanent Makeup

  • Makes you look years younger
  • Perfectly shaped eyebrows everyday
  • No need to tire yourself applying brow pencil everyday
  • No need to worry about over plucked eyebrows
  • You will look smudge free 24/7
  • Adds fullness to the lips
  • Suitable for alopecia sufferers
  • Always look perfect when swimming
  • Look amazing as soon as you wake up
  • No need to worry about allergic reactions