Frequently Asked Questions

semi-perm-makeupQ: Do the treatments hurt?
A: Treatments hurt no more than having your eyebrows tweezed

Q: Are there any benefits of permanent makeup treatments?
A: Treatments make you look younger, provide you with perfectly shaped eyebrows everyday and allow you to look great during a workout or swimming allowing you to look smudge free 24/7!

Q: Is permanent makeup similar to tattooing?
A: It is similar to a tattoo except the pigments, instruments, techniques and the use of numbing agents all make the treatment Ania provides are very sterile, safe and are carried out with very little or no discomfort.

Q: How long do the treatments take?
A: Ania will advise you on how long the procedure will take on your initial consultation, however they usually take around 2 hours

Q: Do I need a consultation before the procedure?
A: A telephone consultation with Ania is normally adequate, however for the clients that are particularly nervous a one-to-one consultation is recommended.

Q: Can I still have an MRI scan with permanent makeup?
A: Studies have been carried out to shown that even people who have undertaken large body tattoo procedures have little or no potential for irritation from an MRI, so it shouldn’t be a problem.